Ice Delivery

The more popular choice

Ice delivery is a more popular option by most ice buyers as compared to self-collection in Singapore. Due to our tropical climate, without a refrigerated truck, it is not surprising that the ice you have just bought a while ago will start melting even before you reach your destination. Hence, many people and business owners choose to have their ice delivered to their doorstep instead of making a trip down to purchase them.

Ice Delivery and its uses

Ice delivery is commonly catered for the following occasions:

  • F&B outlets which serve drinks or cold dish seafood, desserts etc
  • Drink stalls
  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • BBQ activities
  • Outdoor events

Where to order ice delivery?

Here at Uni-Tat Iceman, having one of the largest fleet of refrigerated trucks in Singapore enable us to deliver all types of ice right to your destination.  Buying ice from Iceman in a hot sunny weather is not only hassle-free but also cost effective. We provide free delivery service for any orders more than 50 SGD.

Apart from investing heavily in our cold chain logistics, we also focus on building up our online presence so that buying ice for our customers is just one click away. With, you can now purchase ice online though our e commerce site.

Over the years, Iceman has been a leading ice distributor with a proven track record in quality of products and delivery services, specializing in ice products and cold chain logistics. Having developed a strong and undeniable presence in the industry, we now have the biggest ice distribution network in Singapore, supplying to end consumers, supermarket chains, hotels, F&B outlets and industries.

Why us?

We got the tools

Iceman invests heavily on our tools to carve out the best ice sculpture for you.

Great Support

Our team of friendly customer service are well-trained and professional.

Certified Experience

Our food grade ice is produced under stringent food safety standards to ensure top quality for our customers.

Large & Reputable

Having been around for a long time, we provide reliable services and products for our customers.

Competitive Pricing

As one of the largest ice suppliers in Singapore, we are able to lower our cost significantly and pass it on to our customers.

Top grade quality

We ensure our products are in good condition before delivering them to our customers from our warehouse.

Customers & Partners

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