Crushed Ice Delivery

Crushed ice are commonly delivered to wet markets, fishery ports, buffet bars and pubs round the clock.

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What is crushed ice?

Crushed ice is ice that has been crushed, which gives ice a greater surface area as compared to ice in cube-shapes, allowing cooling to take place more efficiently and quickly.

The granular nature of Crushed Ice makes it suitable for usage in the seafood industry to keep prawns & fishes freshly frozen.

What can crush ice be used for?

Chilling purposes

As it is highly efficient in cooling, crushed ice is one of the best ways to keep food and drinks chilled. The common usage for crushed ice are usually:

  • Prawns, fishes, frozen seafood to maintain freshness
  • Canned drinks or beers

Packing Purpose

Due to the small and compact nature of crushed ice, it is extremely useful for packing around drums when making or keeping ice creams frozen

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