Dry Ice MistyStix

Are you transporting goods that needs to be kept below 0 degrees? Or looking to plan events with special foggy effects? Iceman provides dry ice delivery to cater to your needs.

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What are MistyStix?

MistyStix is an innovative solution allowing dry ice pellets to be placed in drinks without risking accidental swallowing of dry ice. MistyStix is perfect for placing within cocktails or drinks where you desire a smoke effect.

Just drop 1-2 pellets of dry ice within the MistyStix holder and drop it into your drink! Make sure dry ice is handled properly while doing so, make sure to wear thick gloves or use a set of tongs when placing the dry ice into the MistyStix.

Why buy from Iceman?

  • We cater to your needs

    As our tagline suggests, “You ring, we bring”, we deliver island wide at very affordable prices and are available around the clock. Same day delivery is possible for most ice products. Our products are always packaged and customized to the needs of our customers’.

  • Quality of ice

    Our ice is manufactured and packaged under HACCP and ISO 9002 standards. We ensure to meet the strictest food standards with regular testing of our products.